Our Services

Omnititles can handle a huge range of languages. Through years of experience we have built up an impressive team of native speakers.

In addition to subtitling into English from all the main European languages, our recent work has included subtitling from Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic and Russian.

We can also subtitle from English into the main European languages - including French, German, Italian and Spanish.

We work with our native speakers to develop and finesse all our subtitles and, where needed, conduct research to check proper names and technical terms.  All subtitles are subject to a final quality control check before they are sent to the client for approval.

We cater for all types of films and documentaries, covering any subject. In recent years we have particularly worked on French films and the Bollywood market. See Examples of Our Work for more information.

We accept film material by post or online, and we are happy to work with or without transcripts.

We can provide rehearsal DVDs, but are equally happy for clients to visit us and be present as we rehearse the subtitles once they are ready (we are based 20 minutes from central London). 

Film subtitling