Examples of Our Work - Documentaries

For Channel 4: 

  • Ping Pong
  • This is not a Film
  • Song of Lahore
  • Anton Corbijn Inside Out
  • Roubaix Police Department
  • Climbing for the Fatherland
  • Fellini, I'm a Big Liar (Fellini, je suis un grand menteur)
  • Out of Status
  • Beyond Hatred (Au-delà de la haine)

For Artificial Eye:
  • Cinéastes de Notre Temps: Jean Vigo
  • Jean Vigo - Le Son Retrouvé
  • De l' Atalante à l'Atalante

For Second Sight Films
  • Les Chemins du Plaisir
  • Death in this Garden (the Making of Horseman on the Roof)
  • The Making of Ridicule
  • Lola Montès Revisited

For others:
  • We Built This City: Paris (for Darlow Smithson Productions)
  • Cannes: The 400 Blows (for the BBC)
  • Letizia Battaglia (for Disruptive Element Films)
  • Waiting for Longwood (Teoti-B)